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 Andres Perez is a Senior Information Management Consultant and President of IRM Consulting, Ltd. Co.
Mr. Perez provides consulting in methodologies and tools in the disciplines of enterprise-wide Information Resource Management and Information Quality Management (TIQM®). This includes information governance, data architecture, metadata repository and management, requirements management, data modeling, Data Warehouse, and Business Intelligence. He conceived and implemented an information stewardship program called “Data Certification.”
Mr. Perez has authored several articles in the Information Management field and has conducted several technical reviews of books in the field including “Information Quality Applied” by Mr. Larry English.
He is a well known speaker at conferences in the US and Europe, including DAMA International, Information Quality, ZIFA, and IAA (Insurance Application Architecture). His presentations include information resource management, information stewardship, information quality management, and enterprise information architecture. Mr. Perez is the current VP of Operations for DAMA International and past Board Member of IAIDQ and IAA User Group.